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New Year, New Goals ~ Cultivate What Matters Powersheets

Feb 20, 2019

I recently posted about the newest love of my life and I wanted to share a little more about it…because HELLO I want you to have it too! Lara Casey with Cultivate What Matters has created the most innovated, life-giving, MAGIC product called Powersheets. She is all about empowering women to achieve their goals and dreams, but her approach is unlike anything I’ve ever read about or tried. I highly recommend checking her out on Instagram and especially her podcast, “Cultivate Your Life with Lara Casey”! I’ve read one of her books, Making Things Happen, and it’s incredible. Her ability to use her personal story to lead others to more fulfilling lives is such a gift.

So to be perfectly honest when I first opened them up I thought “Oh wow, this is intense.” The process leading up to actually deciding on and setting your goals isn’t short OR easy. But is anything in life worth doing quick? Is anything that changes you for the better easy? Probably not, to both of those questions.

You are walked through so many steps, such as:

  1. What worked the previous year, and what didn’t

  2. What you want to say YES to in the coming year, and what you’d like to say NO to

  3. People you are thankful for (hopefully this is an easy one!)

  4. Your fears (yikes…)

  5. Lessons you’ve learned

  6. What fires you up

I could go on forever! My flair pens and I became very close in the couple weeks I carefully went through that process. (Side note: I love my flair pens and if you don’t use them please do yourself a favor and get some.) The most impactful for me was one of the very first sections, called “Break Your Identity Box”. It was a good place to unpack some things I’ve decided were true about myself, unnecessary limits I’ve placed on myself (nobody else does that right?), and just straight up lies I *used to* believe about myself both personally and professionally. Talk about yelling “Not today, Satan!” to every box I’ve put myself in the past few years. The process the Powersheets walks you through is so thorough but enjoyable and eye opening. It is sort of like reading about your Enneagram type (where my 7s at?!), it reveals things you never knew about yourself.

Once the goal setting process is done, you are ready for Tending Lists every month! At the beginning of every month you assess things about the previous month and push forward with new goals for the next. You can set monthly, weekly, and daily goals for each month. There is also a place to stop and reevaluate at each quarter of the year, like goal checkups along the way. The Cultivate What Matters team is very active (and so fun!) on their Instagram and provide so many helpful resources and encouragement.

You also get a super cute little card to write your word of the year on, and I chose JOY for 2019. I occasionally need a reminder to choose joy in motherhood, in marriage, in business, in circumstances I don’t always love, on both good and bad days. We are called to be a joyful people!

I am a first time Powersheets user this year and I genuinely can’t wait to see the rest of this year unfold as I push toward accomplishing everything I’ve set out to do. I’ll share some of my goals below!

  1. Read one book per month (I know this is NOTHING to some people, but for this small business owning mama, it will be an accomplishment for me!)

  2. Wake up earlier (So far so good on this one! I’m a night owl through and through, but I’ve accepted the reality that people who wake up earlier tend to be more productive.)

  3. Less mindless social media scrolling (It’s sort of a part of my job to use social media, but I’m aiming to spend less time just scrolling aimlessly. Did you know there’s a way in your iPhone settings to see how much time you’ve spent on each app for the past 7 days? I highly suggest keeping a check on yourself and utilize that feature!)

I’d love to hear about any goals you might have for this year, we can cheer each other on as we go!

2019, let’s do this.




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